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#PerfectNever: Ronda Rousey Stars in New Reebok Ad (Video)

by Joseph


Ronda Rousey was on the receiving end of one of the most notable upsets in UFC history late last year, and she’s been spending a little bit of time out of the spotlight to recuperate. Now, she’s back, in a new Reebok commercial featuring the slogan #PerfectNever. The idea behind this hashtag is summed up by Rousey herself in the video:

“Perfect never gets truly tested. Perfect never gets to silence its critics. Perfect never gets a shot at redemption. So yeah, I’m fine with not being perfect.”

Ah yes, the old “I didn’t want to win anyway” coping mechanism.  Glad to see it’s still being used. But seriously, it’s a pretty good commercial, and if you’re a fan of Rousey you may want to check out the #PerfectNever spot online before you start seeing it on TV (if you haven’t already).

You can watch the #PerfectNever Ronda Rousey commercial below. And for more, the Reebok campaign’s official site can be found right here.

Here’s the ad:


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