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Pepsi Christmas Cola Tastes Like Japanese Holiday Cake

by Joseph
Pepsi Christmas Cola

Pepsi Christmas Cola

In North America, Coca-Cola is probably more associated with Christmas than Pepsi is, thanks to those iconic advertisements starring Santa Claus (there’s even a persistent but untrue urban legend that the modern visualization of Santa was invented by Coke’s advertising team way back in the day). But over in Japan, the land of food and beverage miracles, Pepsi has appeared to conquer the holiday soda market with Pepsi Christmas Cola.

Pepsi Christmas Cola is reportedly engineered to taste like Japanese holiday spongecake, with sweet and sour strawberry aromatic notes added to the creamy, white soda. Beyond that, I have no additional information, and since the beverage is scheduled to come out exclusively in Japanese markets on November 21st, I’m unlikely to be able to explore it further.

But who knows? Maybe a case or two of Pepsi Christmas Cola will make it out of Japan for the approaching holiday season. Although since as we’ve already established, Santa is a Coke fan, I’m not going to hold my breath.

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