Home Tech & Gear Pepper the $1600 Emotional Robot Sells Out in One Minute (Video)

Pepper the $1600 Emotional Robot Sells Out in One Minute (Video)

by Joseph


Do you want a robot friend with emotions? If not, you might be in a minority, at least if the crackerjack sales performance of Pepper is any indication. Pepper is an interactive robotic humanoid that can recognize human facial expressions, as well as engage with its own internal system of artificial “emotions.” And after the robot’s creators at SoftBank released an introductory line of 1000 units for pre-order, they only took a minute to sell out.

Not even SoftBank expected Pepper to be this popular, and as a result of the high demand they had to temporarily halt pre-orders on the robot. This becomes even more surprising when you realize that in American dollars the robot costs about $1,600, plus another $200 a month for data and insurance fees.

The first Pepper bots are expected to arrive in their new Japanese homes sometime next month, but you can see one in action in the not-at-all terrifying video below. And to see the official SoftBank response to the overwhelming demand for the robot, head over to the company’s site here.

Here’s the video:


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