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Penxo: Minimalist Aluminum Pencil (Photos)

by Joseph

How exciting can a pencil really be? The answer probably varies depending on the person, but the people at BitsFactory have done their best to make the most exciting pencil possible. It’s Penxo, a minimalist lead writing implement crafted from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Penxo is probably the most thoughtfully designed pencil of all time, and despite its lack of moving parts it still has a few bells and whistles for the writer’s pleasure and convenience. The coolest one is probably the lead window gap for loading lead is also designed to provide air flow to the writer’s fingers, reducing sweat and improving grip.

The excitement surrounding Penxo was apparently enough for it to more than triple its fundraising goal on Kickstarter here with more than a month of fundraising left to go. You can pre-order yours there, starting at $25. And you can also see a few photos of the pencil in the gallery below.


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