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Pencil Dice: Pencils You Can Gamble With

by Joseph
Pencil Dice

Pencil Dice

In my many years as an old-timey con artist and huckster I have sought to find some manner of practical usage for my pocket full of dice. Unfortunately, none seems to exist, and dice only exist for the devil’s handiwork. However, I was looking at the problem all wrong, and it turns out it’s a lot easier to turn something practical — like pencils, say — into dice than the other way around. Enter Pencil Dice.

Pencil Dice put the standard prismatic pencil shape to good use by imprinting dice-style dots on each wedge of the pencil. Just roll it along the desk and that practical writing implement is also a dice.

Check out Pencil Dice right here, where you can get for five bucks a pop. If you buy enough of them, five by my count, you can play Yahtzee and keep score all with the same handful of pencils.

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