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Penball: Foosball Pencil Erasers Make Mistakes Fun

by Joseph

So maybe you’re not in your twenties anymore, and those carefree, hard-partying days of yore are a thing of the past. Nowadays, instead of having your fun in the usual, socially accepted places like bars and nightclubs, you have to grab it wherever you can, including in the form of novelty pencil erasers. Once you’ve made peace with your lot in life, these Penball Foosball pencil erasers from Peleg Design might be for you.

The little Penball erasers can fit onto any normal-sized writing implement, where they can serve the dual purpose of erasing your present mistakes as erasers and helping you forget your past mistakes as Foosball toys. And according to the makers of Penball, the game is “fun to play by yourself,” which is a real plus—especially compared to copious alcohol consumption.

Once you’ve seen a few photos of Penball in action in the gallery below, head over to the product’s Amazon listing here, where it’s currently priced at $12. And for more from Peleg Design, check out their website here.

Here are the photos:


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