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Murder Suspect Asked Siri for Help Hiding Body

by Joseph
Siri Body Disposal

Siri Body Disposal

Here’s a piece of tech news that you will hopefully never have any use for.

Apparently the iPhone’s famous Siri can help you hide a dead body. Murder suspect Pedro Bravo learned this after he allegedly strangled his roommate and then, according to prosecutors, told Siri “I need to hide my roommate.”

Siri, apparently aware that Bravo wasn’t talking about hide-and-seek, offered some suggestions that will seem quite creepy to anybody who’s ever watched or read a thriller before: “Swamps,” “reservoirs,” “metal foundries,” and “dumps.” Worst of all, Siri is apparently unable to keep her mouth shut after such a request, as the Gainesville Police Department were able to access the exchange and use it as evidence against Bravo.

Here’s a screenshot:


Remember: The next time you have to dispose of a body, call up your local librarian instead. They can give you the information you need in a much more personally accommodating manner.

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