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Pearl: The App for Oyster Lovers

by Joseph


I’ve written about a lot of specialized smartphone apps for this site, like an app for buying and selling sneakers or a dating app for pot-smokers. But Pearl has to be the most specialized one yet – an app for getting real-time information on the best oysters for sale at seafood restaurants in your area.

Pearl does other things, too, like letting users rate (on flavor and their aphrodisiac effects, naturally) and catalog oysters, book reservations at the seafood restaurants indexed in the app, or share their experiences with fellow oyster lovers. It’s also free, so even if you’re only mildly curious about the world of oysters, it could be a way to begin exploring it in the most informed way possible.

It’s only available for iOS devices for now, but if you’ve got one you might want to head over to Pearl’s official site right here for more information on how it works and for a link to download yours. Then, all that’s left to do is eat.

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