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Peanutsize Me: Create Your Own ‘Peanuts’-Style Character

by Joseph
Peanutsize Me

Peanutsize Me

That Peanuts movie that kept threatening to come out a while back is now ramping up its promotional blitz with something you’re sure to see a lot of on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. It’s called Peanutsize Me, and it lets users create their own characters in the style of the new CGI Peanuts feature film.

Peanutsize Me doesn’t need you to upload a photo or anything like that, instead it’s an exceedingly simple game of “pick the facial features and accessories you like” that even a young child could use, probably by design. There are a lot of options though, and unless you’re some kind of hideously disfigured Lon Chaney figure, you should be able to roughly approximate your own appearance in the Peanuts universe.

You can give Peanutsize Me a spin at its website right here, where you can also browse the creations of other users on the site.

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