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PBspoon: A Spoon Designed Specifically for Peanut Butter

by Joseph


There are few times where it becomes more evident that modern technology has completely failed humanity than when you’re trying to get the last one or two sandwiches worth of peanut butter out of the jar. When faced with this problem, many of us will simply give up and get a new jar, while the more responsible option is to wrestle with a spoon, knife, or spatula to get the last few precious ounces out – a tedious process that takes much of the pleasure out of a PB&J. Thankfully, some hero has come up with the PBspoon, a spoon designed specifically for peanut butter.

The PBspoon is essentially a spoon/spatula hybrid, which I guess makes us all lucky that it isn’t called the Spoontula or something. It’s made to get every last bit of PB out of the jar, and can also spread the peanut butter on the bread – but I’m guessing you already know how peanut butter sandwiches are made.

Check out the PBspoon on Kickstarter right here, where pre-orders start at $11.

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