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Pause: Therapeutic Tai-Chi Stress-Relief App

by Joseph


Human existence can be a burden and a chore, so it just makes good sense to take a break every now and again. But how? One option is a new iPhone app called Pause.

The Pause app encourages users to take a moment in quiet contemplation, with a user interface inspired by the tai chi meditation technique. Calm, quiet audio and gentle splashes of color appear on screen as the user glides his or her finger across the surface, a combination of stimuli that is engineered to trigger a “reset and digest” mechanism in the brain – also known as exactly what the average person needs in the middle of the day (and probably lots of other times).

Pause costs two bucks at the iTunes App Store here, where you can also get just a little bit more information on the app and how it works. If you ever feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with day-to-day stress, it might be worth it.

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