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Pattern: Gesture-Based Drawing App (Video)

by Joseph


You’ve probably heard the expression “couldn’t draw a straight line,” but I can personally vouch for the fact that the expression is in many cases true. Now, there’s an app to allow even the straight-line-challenged to create precise architectural sketches with touchscreen gestures. ¬†It’s called Pattern.

Unfortunately, Pattern appears to be good only for straight geometric sketching, so don’t expect to become a master cartoonist using it. But if you’re in any line or hobby that involves sketching out rooms or furniture to scale, it might be a considerable improvement¬†over a regular pencil and paper. And there are other occupations that could make good use of such an app, too.

You can see how Pattern works by checking it out in action in the video below. And if you have a compatible Apple device, you can download the app for a penny less than three dollars at the iTunes store right here.

Here’s the video:

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