Home Tech & Gear Patchnride: Fix Busted Bike Tires On the Move (Video)

Patchnride: Fix Busted Bike Tires On the Move (Video)

by Joseph
Patchnride (Photo via Uncrate)

Patchnride (Photo via Uncrate)

One of the perennial problems with being a bike rider is flat tires. Once they happen, you tend to be stuck, unless you just happen to be near a bicycle repair shop or you have a spare tire handy. But there’s a new product that’s designed to make flat tires an easily solved problem: Patchnride.

Patchnride is a device that injects a single use repair cartridge into your busted bike tire that patches the tire and permanently fixes it, all without you even having to take it off of your bike. If it works as easily as it’s supposed to, once you have one you might be secretly wishing for a flat just so you can use it.

You can see how the Patchnride works in the video below. And to place a pre-order, head to the Patchnride website here, where they’re priced at $30 and are scheduled to ship in the fall.

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