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Parsons Pool Table From District MFG

by Joseph
Parsons Pool Table

Are all pool tables created equal? Besides, say, quality of wood or felt involved in their construction, you might think so, but the people at District MFG have come up with a very cool variant on the pool table that would look at home in any game room, no matter how stylish (or un-stylish) it might be – the Parsons Pool Table.

Made with black walnut over a steel frame, the Parsons Pool Table forgoes all of the design flourishes we’re used to seeing in standard pool tables, opting instead for a minimalist approach that keeps the essentials and discards every other unnecessary thing. Naturally, the table comes with black felt as well.

There are a couple photos of the District MFG Parsons Pool Table in the gallery below.  But more importantly than that, you can head over to District MFG’s website here for information on how to get your own. For information on how to secure the $17,500 asking price, though, you are on your own.

Parsons Pool TableParsons Pool Table

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