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Paramount Vault: Studio Puts 150 Free Movies on YouTube (Video)

by Joseph
Paramount Vault

Paramount Vault

Good news! You have yet another vein of free movies to watch on the internet. This one comes courtesy of Paramount Pictures, and it’s a very cool YouTube channel called the Paramount Vault, now with 150 free feature films for your viewing pleasure.

The Paramount Vault isn’t a patch on the Victorville Film Archive, but it’s still an impressive lineup of films. Unfortunately, Paramount hasn’t provided any information on whether these movies will be indefinitely available, if more will be added on a regular basis, or if it will be a completely rotating lineup.

The Paramount Vault “Sizzle Reel” seems to suggest there are more movies, like Transformers, on the way.  You can watch it for yourself below. And to check out the YouTube channel and start watching movies and clips from Paramount’s illustrious library of films, just take a look at it right here.

Here’s the video:

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