Home Entertainment ‘PAPERMEAL’ Short Film Shows “Penne Meatballs” Made Out of Paper (Video)

‘PAPERMEAL’ Short Film Shows “Penne Meatballs” Made Out of Paper (Video)

by Joseph
PAPERMEAL Penne Meatballs

PAPERMEAL Penne Meatballs

You take a bite out of a meatball, smack your lips contemplatively, and say to no one in particular, “this tastes like paper.” This would normally be considered a bad thing, but a new series of short films called PAPERMEAL shows various dishes made from paper, and it’s actually quite appetizing.

The latest PAPERMEAL short features “Penne Meatballs” in delicious paper, rendered in equally delicious stop-motion animation. Other dishes in the series include a “Banana Split,” “Fish & Chips,” “Ramen,” and more. The work is extremely similar to the stop-motion animation work of PES, right down to the food fixation, but with a unique flavor all on its own.

You can watch episode five of PAPERMEAL for yourself below. And to check out the other installments, and other stuff from production studio yelldesign, head to their official page on Vimeo right here. Just make sure you have lunch on hand before you do, because you might find yourself craving paper if you get too hungry.

Here’s the video:


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