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Panta Rei Light Cube: “Everything Flows”

by Joseph
Panta Rei Light Cube

Panta Rei Light Cube

I wouldn’t imagine that most lamps have a strong philosophical foundation, but then again the Panta Rei Light Cube isn’t most lamps. Designers Luis H. Vicencio, Fabrizio Guarrasi and Mattia Antonetti were inspired by the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, when they came up with the Light Cube, which is pretty impressive all on its own.

Even if you didn’t major in philosophy or know that Heraclitus is famous for his philosophy that “everything flows,” you can still appreciate the Panta Rei Light Cube’s excellent design. It functions as both a light and a piece of sculpture, and it’s operated by way of a smaller cube that is placed on top and moved to produce different lighting effects.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Panta Rei Light Cube is only in the concept stage for now, but you can check it out at Behance right here, and stay tuned for any possible updates on an actual production run in the future.

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