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Pandoretta Wireless Speakers: 360-Degrees of Sound

by Joseph

How many degrees of sound are you getting from your current home audio setup? Whatever that figure might be, it’s a safe bet that it’s less than 360, which is why Poet Audio’s new Pandoretta wireless speaker system might be worth your attention.

The Poet Audio Pandoretta wireless speaker system boasts a total of seven speakers and a 170-watt amplifier that combine to produce big, clear sound that will fill almost any room. And unlike a lot of home audio equipment, it’s not designed just to blend in with your home’s decor, but to become part of it, with a stylish and unique visual design that makes it almost as interesting to look at as it will be to listen to.

You can see a few photos of the Pandoretta in the gallery below, and if you like the way it looks (since there’s little doubt whether you’ll like the way it sounds), head over to the Poet Audio online store here, where the sound system is priced at a robust $3,985.

Here’s the gallery:


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