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Pandora Premium: New Streaming Service Unveiled

by Joseph
Pandora Premium

Pandora Premium

Music streaming service Pandora is pretty popular—especially in coffee shops and restaurants, I’ve found—but it doesn’t really rival services like Spotify or Tidal for people who are serious about their music listening choices. Now they’re trying to change that with the announcement of Pandora Premium, a service recently announced by the company that is designed to compete with those other music streaming services.

Pandora Premium will give users access to the entire Pandora library on demand, similar to the way Spotify offers its music library. There will be playlist functions, offline listening, and in one of the few selling points for existing Pandora users, a “My Thumbs Up” playlist that will compile all the songs users have given their precious upraised thumbs to over the years.

Additional details on Pandora Premium (like a launch date) are still to come, but the service will reportedly cost about ten bucks a month.  It’s official site (right here) is now accepting invite requests.

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