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Pandora Cabinets: Inspired by Shipping Containers

by Joseph
Pandora Cabinets

Pandora Cabinets

If you ever saw the second season of The Wire and were struck by how nice all those shipping containers looked stacked on top of each other, artist and designer Sander Mulder has the cabinet for you. His Pandora cabinets were made to be like those giant shipping containers in every way but size, allowing them to be used in the home.

Pandora cabinets don’t just look like those inspirational shipping containers, but they work like them too, with the same corrugated steel construction and the same opening-and-closing mechanism that the real things use. They’re also stackable and modular –so if you wanted everything you own to be stored in these cabinets, you could probably pull  it off with enough time and money.

Speaking of money, Pandora cabinets will set you back about $1,300 at the official Sander Mulder online store right here. Just don’t try to cram any girls in there, OK?

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