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Pandora: ‘Avatar’ Theme Park Coming to Disney World in 2017

by Joseph


One of the more intriguing bits of hype to emerge from the D23 Expo over the weekend was news of a theme park at Orlando’s Walt Disney World based on James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster Avatar. Especially intriguing is Disney‘s promise that at least one of the attractions to be found in Pandora will be as technologically advanced in its own way as the film itself was.

I’m referring to Pandora’s “Avatar Flight of the Passage,” an attraction that has no less a famous name endorsing it than James Cameron himself. At the convention, the filmmaker was quoted as saying the ride will be so “advanced that you feel you’re flying. You literally feel like you’re flying. I know you’ve heard that with other rides before, but this is on a whole other level.”

Pandora won’t be coming to Walt Disney World (where it will take the place of the park’s current Animal Kingdom area) until sometime in 2017, but you can read more about the plans for the park, which appear to be far more involved than simply replicating scenes from the movie, at IGN here.

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