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Palermo Tripolina Chair From The Citizenry

by Joseph
Palermo Tripolina Chair

Palermo Tripolina Chair

Are you sitting down? Not because I’m about to tell you your wife is dead or anything like that, but because I want you to pay attention to whatever it is you’re actually sitting in. Chances are, it’s an office chair or a couch, and you paid anywhere from $0 to, I dunno, a few hundred bucks for it. And it’s not anywhere near as well-crafted as the Palermo Tripolina Chair now available from The Citizenry.

Billed at The Citizenry as being “heirloom quality,” every single Palermo Tripolina Chair is crafted by hand in “a small workshop in Buenos Aires” from vegetable-tanned leather with a guindo wood frame and iron workings.

This is pretty much the top of the chair line, but since I mentioned price earlier I should let you know that the Palermo Tripolina Chair is not cheap, with a price tag of $650 at The Citizenry right here. But shipping and returns are free!

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