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‘Paint With Gunpowder’: Meet Artist Danny Shervin (Pics)

by Joseph
Paint With Gunpowder

Gunpowder has pretty much one intended use, which is to fire destructive projectiles at lethal velocities, throughout history. But artist Danny Shervin has discovered and perfected another, much more pacifistic use for the stuff, in a process that he refers to as Paint With Gunpowder.

In order to Paint With Gunpowder (which is also the brand name he’s given to his work), Shervin sketches out his images in gunpowder on a surface of wood or canvas. Then comes the fun part; he ignites the powder, and the image is indelibly burned into that wood or canvas, creating a new, one-of-a-kind piece.

You can browse those prints at the Paint With Gunpowder online store here, where prices range from $40 for prints all the way up to four figures for unique pieces, depending on the process used. And you can check out a few examples of Shervin’s work in the gallery below.


Paint With GunpowderPaint With GunpowderPaint With Gunpowder

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