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‘Pac-Man Stories’ Interactive Audiobook Now on Amazon Alexa

by Joseph
Pac-Man Stories

Pac-Man Stories

The rightsholders to Pac-Man at Bandai-Namco are working around the clock to figure out new ways to exploit their intellectual property. Their latest is Pac-Man Stories, which is technically for children but what the hey, it might be of interest to anyone with fond memories of guiding Pac-Man through a maze being pursued by ravenous ghosts.

Pac-Man Stories is available on any device equipped with Amazon’s Alexa voice-controlled assistant, but it’s essentially an interactive audiobook that lets you make choices and change the story, which takes place on “Pac-Man Planet” (did you know Pac-Man had an entire planet named after him? Weird). The one weird thing about this whole exercise is that this has to be the first Pac-Man game in history in which players do not control the titular Pac-Man.

The first installment of Pac-Man Stories is the timely “Pac-Man and the Ghastly Garbage,” and you can get more information on the series at Amazon right here.

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