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‘Pac-Man’ for Google Maps is Now Playable (GIF)

by Joseph
Pac-Man for Google Maps

Pac-Man for Google Maps

Another fine innovation from the people at Google comes in the form of yet another Pac-Man revival. It’s Pac-Man for Google Maps, and it’s a good way to lose an hour or two while you’re supposed to be working.

Here’s how it works: Fire up Google Maps and find a section with a lot of intercrossing roads (we’re talking downtown metropolitan areas rather than rural towns), and a small Pac-Man icon will appear in the lower lefthand corner of the screen. Click it, and downtown Orlando turns into a Pac-Man maze, and you start eating pills and getting chased by ghosts – timeless fun!

You can see an animated GIF of Pac-Man for Google Maps below, but what you really want to do is head over to Google Maps here and start snacking. No one knows how long this feature will be available, so if you’re interested in giving it a try you better get on it soon.

Here’s the GIF:

You Can Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Right Now

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