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Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-Pack Debuts 4 Years After Austin Beerworks’

by Joseph
Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-Pack

Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-Pack

In  2014, Texas craft brewery Austin Beerworks unveiled a 99-pack of its Peacemaker Anytime Ale. Not to be outdone, the much bigger and more powerful beermakers at Pabst have decided to release an even more pointless novelty: A Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-pack. Austin Beerworks did not take the shot across the bow lightly:

“We didn’t think anyone would ever come up with a stupider idea than the 99-packs of Peacemaker Anytime Ale we released in 2014. But Pabst Blue Ribbon proved us wrong. With all the resources in the world, the best they could come up with is a bad version of something that’s already been done. Without passion and creativity, all you end up with are watered down ideas (and beer).

That’s why there will always be a place for craft beer. Thanks for the reminder.”

That’s from an Austin Beerworks Facebook post that you can check out here, and even if you don’t have any regional brand loyalty to consider here you have to admit that the least Pabst could have done was do a 100-pack or something. But instead we have the Pabst Blue Ribbon 99-pack, which is available in the Quebec market between now and New Year’s – seek one out if you dare.

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