Home Entertainment ‘Ozark’ Season 2 Date Announcement Trailer (Video)

‘Ozark’ Season 2 Date Announcement Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


I’ve never seen the Netflix original series Ozark, but I recall when the trailer for it came out I made fun of it pretty bad for ripping off Breaking BadBut it seems like Jason Bateman has been having kind of a tough time lately, so I’ll lay off the jokes for the occasion of the new Ozark season 2 date announcement trailer.

Befitting an Ozark season 2 date announcement, we have a release date for the show’s second season: August 31st. Beyond that, Netflix has foregone the usual detailed plot synopsis in favor of a short and sweet tagline:

“There is no off season.”

No off season, you say? Then why can’t I just watch the show now? Anyway, you can take a look at the new Ozark season 2 date announcement trailer below, and head over to your nearest Netflix enabled device on August 31st to check out the season yourself.

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