Home Entertainment ‘Ozark’: Michael Bluth Goes Walter White for Netflix (Trailer)

‘Ozark’: Michael Bluth Goes Walter White for Netflix (Trailer)

by Joseph


The downside to playing an iconic television character is that it becomes difficult – but not impossible – for viewers to see you as anyone else. Jason Bateman has run into a little bit of that with Michael Bluth on Arrested Development, and the new upcoming Netflix original series Ozark stars Bateman as a somewhat Bluthian dad who gets involved in the narcotics trade.

Bateman is also directing a big chunk of Ozark, which will probably be described by every living TV critic as “Arrested Development meets Breaking Bad,” and who am I to go against the current on this one? Laura Linney is the Skyler White of the equation, and there’s a new trailer for the show now online.

You can watch the trailer for Ozark below, and the show’s entire first season will be on Netflix before you know it, on July 21st, about a week and a half away as of this writing.

Here’s the trailer:

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