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‘Overview: A New Perspective of Earth’

by Joseph


Satellite imagery isn’t the mind-blowing novelty it once was, thanks to services like Google Earth that put it at our fingertips 24/7. There’s still some juice left in the technology, though, as followers of the Daily Overview Instagram account are well aware.  And now a book based on that account is here. It’s called Overview: A New Perspective of Earth.

Overview contains more than 200 satellite images of Earth, showcasing the planet’s natural beauty but also its industries, societies, farms, and cities, from angles that you might not have seen them from before. It’s also a study in how humans have changed the surface of the planet from a vantage point that makes those changes unavoidable—an increasingly important idea, these days.

You can pick up a copy of Overview: A New Perspective of Earth on Amazon right here, where the book is currently priced at just a little over $25 in hardcover.

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