Home Entertainment “Overnight”: Daft Punk Collaborates with Australian Band Parcels (Audio)

“Overnight”: Daft Punk Collaborates with Australian Band Parcels (Audio)

by Joseph


Daft Punk tends to be pretty picky about who they collaborate with, which is why they surprised many by teaming up with a largely unknown Australian band called Parcels for a surprise single. It’s called “Overnight,” a nice electro-slink co-written and produced by Daft Punk.

If you go back and listen to Parcels’ (slightly, they formed in 2014) earlier stuff, especially their recent EP Hideout, you’ll find it’s a natural fit for a Daft Punk collaboration, with some Nile Rodgers-esque guitar lines thrown in. Whether “Overnight” will lead to more Daft Punk x Parcels collaborations remains to be seen, so go ahead and enjoy this one while you can:

The band appears to be keeping their partnership with Daft Punk fairly close to the chest, but they are credited as producers in the “Overnight” YouTube description, and DP’s Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel Homem Christo are also credited as co-songwriters. Stay tuned to the Parcels YouTube channel right here for more – a worthwhile endeavor, even if this ends up being their only Daft Punk collaboration for a while.

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