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‘Overlord’: JJ Abrams’ Nazi Zombie Thriller (Trailer)

by Joseph


A horde of bloodthirsty Nazis come back from the dead and converge on a group of innocent people. No, that’s not the description of an upcoming White House social function, but actually the bare basic gist of JJ Abrams‘ upcoming new thriller Overlord.

Historically, when audiences start to get a bit bored with traditional zombies, trotting out Nazi zombies makes for a good flavor enhancer that can revitalize the zombie genre. Overlord, it would appear, is a part of that historical tradition, with JJ Abrams’ deft-to-a-fault storytelling guiding everything smoothly. Also in typical Abrams fashion, you can expect a few surprised reserved for those who actually pay to see the movie in theaters, rather than just watching the trailers or commercials. Still, here’s a new official trailer for the movie, so take it as you will:

According to the trailer, Overlord hits theaters on November 9th, 2018. F0r more, head over to the film’s official Twitter account right here.

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