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‘Over/Under’: Undersea Photo Series by Matty Smith (Pics)

by Joseph

It’s often said that we know more about outer space than we do our own oceans. I don’t know if that’s technically accurate or not, but I definitely believe that it could be true after taking a look at Over/Under, a new series of underwater (and above-water) photographs from Australian photographer Matty Smith.

The premise of Over/Under is basically that Smith photographs unusual sea creatures from an angle that shows part of them beneath the surface and part of them above it. It’s a pretty otherworldly effect, and one that can make even a crocodile seem like some kind of alien from outer space.

You can check out some of our friends from the sea in Over/Under below, although I guess for thematic purposes I could put some of the pictures at the top and some on the bottom. And for more from Matty Smith, head to his official website right here.

Here are the photos:


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