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ORIGO Boat: Foldable and Environmentally Friendly

by Joseph


Here’s the thing about boats – no matter how graceful it can cut through the water, it’s almost always a cumbersome, unwieldy mess when it’s outside its aquatic element. But the people at ORIGO have come up with a solution – it’s the ORIGO Boat, a foldable, portable, and environmentally friendly alternative to more traditional watercraft.

The ORIGO Boat can run by a motor, sails, or paddling, and its ARS plastic construction is durable and purportedly unsinkable (although that’s a dangerous word to use with regards to a boat). And it takes just 15 minutes to fold up into a compact form that’s easily transportable to wherever you want to go.

Unfortunately, the ORIGO Boat’s Kickstarter campaign failed to secure its crowdfunding goal as I was writing this, but you can stay tuned to the product’s official website right here for more information as well as future updates on what’s next for the boat.

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