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Origami Wooden Valet From Cool Material

by Joseph
Origami Wooden Valet

Origami Wooden Valet

Origami, or the Japanese art of paper-folding, is generally thought of in ornamental rather than functional terms. But the Origami Wooden Valet, if put to good use, will be a lot more important to your daily routine than a folded paper unicorn (unless you’re Rick Deckard or something).

The Origami Wooden Valet isn’t made from paper, obviously, but its elegant design is meant to evoke origami in its gentle lines and simple form. It’s big enough to hold your wallet, phone, and any other loose change or detritus you might want easy access to on a daily basis, but small enough to be placed unobtrusively almost anywhere.

The bad news is the Origami Wooden Valet costs a cool $64.95¬†at the Cool Material Shop right here. Perhaps to get your full money’s worth out of the product, you could consider wearing it as a hat when you leave the house.

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