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Ori: Robotic Furniture for Micro-Living (Video)

by Joseph


The trend of micro-living is already up and running without the aid of robots, but a new brand is seeking to maximize the efficiency of small living spaces through the power of robotics and smart technology. It’s called Ori, the product of work from the MIT Media Lab and furniture designer Yves Béhar.

Basically, Ori furniture applies the basic principle of the Murphy bed to the 21st century—that is, if you can fold up a piece of furniture to make room for something else, you can turn a bedroom into a living room without having space for both. The first Ori joint, set to come out sometime early next year, is a combination desk, closet, and bed that can transform at the touch of a button, as required.

You can acquaint yourself with Ori and how its products will work by checking out the video below. For more info, head to the brand’s official site here.  And may be a good time to start shopping around for a micro-apartment, if you are so inclined.

Here’s the video:


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