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Orgasmia: Bluetooth Vibrating Vaginal Implant is for Real

by Joseph


Being a woman in today’s world means making a lot of important decisions about yourself and your lifestyle. And another enticing option has just become available – Orgasmia, a Bluetooth-connected vibrating vaginal implant (!!) for hands-free orgasms. Nope, I’m not making this up – here’s a bit of smooth talking from Fun Factory, the company that’s making the device:

“Orgasmia™ gives women control over their arousal and pleasure. The motor nestles against the pelvis, and users report that they stop noticing it after only 3-4 days of use. Inspired by the design of Thermal Electric watches, the device automatically recharges using body heat. As with all Fun Factory products, Orgasmia™ is encased in medical grade silicone. While the implant can be synced to respond to remote commands from a number of electronic devices, including many smartphones, Fun Factory also offers a variety of discreet remote controls designed to look like rings, wristwatches, necklaces, and more.”

You know, I’m not that old but I can remember when people thought we’d all have barcodes and microchips implanted inside our bodies by 2015. Apparently Biblical prophecy forgot the possibility of electronic sex toys.

As you might imagine, getting a remote-control sex toy implanted into one’s body is a bit of an involved process.  It’s currently being handled by (of course) a lone Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, and the whole thing costs a grand total of $6500. But when you start to think of the possibilities of this technology with your girlfriend or wife, you might consider going halfsies on it with her.

If so, you can check out Orgasmia over at the official Fun Factory site right here. Just don’t start messing with the controls while she’s driving.  That’s dangerous!

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