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Oreo and Spam, a Timeless Tradition

by Kevin Nardone

It has been a tough year for China. 

The wee-little nation of 1.4 billion people has found itself at the center of some pretty serious discussions. Between the Corona Virus originating in Wuhan and the festering labor relations concerns, the country’s reputation has taken more than a few hits.

And now, something new has just come across my desk that personifies the swirling chaos that is China to the umpteenth degere.

Starting today, December 21st, McDonald’s in China will start selling a new delicacy, the Spam x Oreo burger.

Admittedly, I am not super up to date on Chinese traditions, so I can’t confirm or deny whether a Spam and/or Oreo burger is a culturally significant meal… so apologies if I sound ignorant, but just the premise of that alone is downright vile.

What’s next? Filet-o-catfood? 

Corny jokes aside, this is extremely disturbing and the FDA should immediately wage war on whatever agency overseas Chinese dining establishments.

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