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Oregon Pint: Glass With Miniature Mt. Hood Inside

by Joseph
Oregon Pint

Oregon: They have a lot of beer there. So it stands to reason that something called the Oregon Pint, would be something a bit more elaborate than a typical pint glass. And the people at North Drinkware have lived up to this promise by designing a glass with a small, meticulously replicated model of Oregon’s Mt. Hood that rests right on the bottom.

The Oregon Pint’s small Mt. Hood was created using United States Geological Survey information as well as 3D printing technology, but each glass is handmade and custom-blown. It’s pretty much a must-have for anyone who falls in the center of the Venn diagram outlining people who love Oregon and people who love beer.

If that describes you, you can head over to the Oregon Pint’s listing on Kickstarter here, where it’s already managed to come very close to doubling its $15,000 goal with a month left of fundraising to go (we’re gonna need a bigger Venn diagram). And you can see a few photos of the glass in the gallery below.

Oregon PintOregon PintOregon Pint

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