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Orbiter Executive Fidgeting Toy From TEC Accessories (Video)

by Joseph


The following is a partial list of items I have fidgeted with in my career as an amateur neurotic: Pens, mechanical pencils, staplers, remote controls, cell phones, smartphones, calculators, lighters, my own hands, etc. Now here’s a list of items I hope to fidget with in the future: The Orbiter, a desk toy from TEC Accessories made expressly for the chronic fidgeter.

Seasoned fidgetmeisters know that one of the most appealing fidgeting materials in the known universe is the magnet, and the Orbiter makes use of magnetic force to magnificent effect (that’s also where the toy gets its name). But why waste time reading about it when you can actually see it in action, with the disclaimer that doing so may make whatever fidgeting material you’re settling for now seem hopelessly inferior:

Further proof of the appeal of the Orbiter is that it’s out of stock until the end of the month at TEC’s online store here, where you can also get more information on the product.

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