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‘Orbital Reflector’: The World’s First Artistic Satellite

by Joseph
Orbital Reflector

Orbital Reflector

Artist Trevor Paglen has long specialized in incorporating science and technology into his work, with a particular focus on the United States’ various surveillance programs. His latest project, should it ever (literally) get off the ground, is a sculpture entitled Orbital Reflector, through which Paglen hopes to become “the first artist-museum team to launch a sculptural satellite into space.”

In order to make that happen, the Orbital Reflector needs to raise 70 grand on Kickstarter. If it does, the “long, diamond-shaped kite that resembles an abstract sculpture” as the artist puts it will orbit the Earth for anywhere from four to five weeks, depending on solar wind and other solar conditions. But it’s certain that the piece will be distinguished from all the other satellites in orbit around the Earth thanks to its purely artistic nature.

Orbital Reflector needs about $60,000 more to hit that goal, so if you want to contribute (or you just want to learn more), head over to this project’s Kickstarter listing right here.

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