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“Orange Drink” Added to Starbucks’ Secret Menu

by Joseph
Starbucks Orange Drink

Starbucks Orange Drink

The fabled “secret menu” at Starbucks, which has earned its scare quotes due to the fact that it’s in no way still a secret, has a new item on its fabled and figurative pages just in time for summer. It’s called “Orange Drink,” but its name isn’t quite as intuitive as you might assume.

Rather than being simply orange-flavored, Starbucks’ “Orange Drink” gets its name from Orange County, CA, with its corresponding hue being an evidently happy coincidence. It’s made from vanilla bean powder, coconut milk and orange mango juice, which sounds pretty good, especially in the heat of summer’s dog days.

In lieu of going to your nearest ‘Bucks and ordering one yourself, you can read up on “Orange Drink” in a story on the beverage at Foodbeast right here. And if any angry baristas get on your case about how you heard about this secret menu item … you didn’t hear it from me.

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