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Optical Illusion Crosswalk Installed in Iceland

by Joseph
Optical Illusion Crosswalk

Optical Illusion Crosswalk

If you were driving down the street and saw the crosswalk in the above photo coming up in front of you, what would you do? If you haven’t been experiencing visual hallucinations long enough to make them no big deal, you’re probably gonna tap the brakes, right? That’s the idea behind the very real optical illusion crosswalk, reportedly the newest addition to the Icelandic town of Ísafjör∂ur’s traffic set-up.

The Ísafjör∂ur optical illusion crosswalk is based on the “shock and awe” principle to get people to slow down and pay attention at crosswalks. The practical function of the painting is to get drivers to pay attention to pedestrians with the right of way, but it’s also just a cool image for people interested in anamorphic optical illusions.

It’s possible that if this optical illusion crosswalk takes off (figuratively speaking, of course), we’ll begin seeing more like it beyond this one small town in Iceland. Stay tuned.

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