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OpenROV Trident: “An Underwater Drone for Everyone”

by Joseph
OpenROV Trident

OpenROV Trident

The popular image of drones is that they’re always flying through the air, dropping bombs or taking video or whatever it is their operators command them to do. But given how much unexplored ground is lurking right underneath the surface of the sea, it would make just as much sense to equip a drone for underwater usage: Which is exactly what the makers of the OpenROV Trident have done.

The OpenROV Trident is billed as “an underwater drone for everyone,” thanks to its user-friendly design and dawdler-friendly three-hour battery lifespan. Its built-in HD camera syncs up wirelessly with an included buoy and includes bright LEDs for nighttime shooting or in the darker depths.

You can check out the OpenROV Trident at its Kickstarter page here, where it’s already raised more than ten times its original fundraising goal with more than a month left to go. Pre-orders start at $599, so maybe that “for everyone” thing is a little overstated.

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