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Opener BlackFly Electric VTOL Vehicle (Video)

by Joseph
Opener BlackFly

Opener BlackFly

Flying cars … it seems like every month or two some company or another promises that they’ve finally cracked this long-delayed promise of the future, from Metropolis through Blade Runner and beyond. The latest is Opener, who have unveiled their own plans for an electric VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicle that will be roughly the same difficulty level to drive as a regular car. It’s called the Opener BlackFly. 

How much of the Opener BlackFly is legit and how much is marketing hype remains to be seen when it makes it to market purportedly next year, but the people behind it are nothing if not capable of talking a good game. They say they’ve developed a car that represents “the future of transportation” that will more or less change the world:

“Opener’s BlackFly heralds a new era of aviation. Time and money spent traveling and maintaining infrastructure will be reduced. People will go places they never thought possible.”

You can see all the Opener BlackFly’s technical specs and other details at the project’s official site right here. And see it in action in the video below.


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