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Opal Nugget Ice Machine for “Chewable, Flavor-Saving Ice”

by Joseph
Opal Nugget Ice

Opal Nugget Ice

If you’re used to regular ice cubes or crushed ice in your drinks at home, there is an entire universe of pleasure that you didn’t even know existed in the form of nugget ice. There really aren’t a lot of ways to get the stuff in your home, but now there’s the Opal Nugget Ice maker, for that very purpose.

In case you’ve never enjoyed a beverage chilled by nugget ice, there are three distinct advantages to this particular formulation of frozen water, as per the Opal Nugget Ice machine’s website: It’s soft and chewable, it absorbs the flavor of whatever liquid is surrounding it, and it chills beverages faster than other forms of ice.

To really appreciate the advantages of nugget ice, though, you have to try it for yourself, which you can do as soon as possible by ordering an Opal Nugget Ice machine for $450 at the item’s official site right here.

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