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Opal: GE’s New Machine for Nugget Ice at Home (Video)

by Joseph


I didn’t know this until today, but apparently there’s entire subculture out there of people who are really into chewing ice (I don’t know why I’m surprised, but I am). And the Porsche, the Citizen Kane, the Abbey Road, the Enter the Wu-Tang of chewing ice is nugget ice, which is almost impossible to make at home – at least until next summer, when General Electric’s Opal is slated to hit the market.

Opal is a product of GE’s FirstBuild lab, after the company caught wind of nugget ice’s weird cult following – as things are now, the most popular place to get your hands/mouth on nugget ice is Sonic. And they’ve put the product up on IndieGoGo as a way to raise funds (why GE would need to raise funds I don’t know, but that’s 2015 America I guess) and get feedback on the product.

You can check out Opal in the video below, and on IndieGoGo here. And if you’re not a nugget ice fanatic yet, you still have time to get really into the stuff before the machine drops next summer.

Here’s the video:

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