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Onyx Wearable Group Communication From OnBeep (Video)

by Joseph


Modern technology has kind of killed the walkie-talkie, but it still can’t be beat for keeping in real time contact with a large group of people. Or at least it couldn’t be beat before the Onyx by OnBeep hit the scene.

Onyx is a wearable communication system that works everywhere you go, as long as you’re within reach of a data connection. It works by syncing up with your smartphone, and the whole system was engineered with real-time collaboration in mind. That means that things like one-to-one messaging are possible, as well as the ability to see where all your team members are at any given time. Great for organizing projects, bad for slacking off.

To get a better idea of what the Onyx wearable group communication system can do, check out the short introductory video below. And for more information, as well as to place a pre-order, head over to the OnBeep website here.

Here’s the video:

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