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Onnit ‘Star Wars’ Fitness Equipment (Video)

by Joseph
Onnit Star Wars

Onnit Star Wars

One thing I’ve noticed watching the Star Wars movies, you never hear anybody say anything about going to the gym. You never see any Imperial gyms on board any of the Empire’s giant spacecraft, and you never see any gyms in the background on Tatooine or Hoth. The closest thing to a gym I can remember is Yoda‘s backyard where he teaches Luke how to be a Jedi, but I can’t imagine anyone actually paying a membership fee to exercise there. Anyway, there’s a new collection of Onnit Star Wars fitness equipment.

Onnit Star Wars fitness equipment includes the Death Star Slam Ball, the Han Solo (frozen in carbonite) Yoga Mat, and a whole line of Star Wars Kettlebells, all of which let you work out, well, if not like a Jedi would, at least like a major Star Wars nerd would.

Check out the Onnit Star Wars fitness equipment collection at Onnit’s official site right here.

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