Home Entertainment ‘Onnanocos x Micro Drone’: Short One-Take Film Shot by a Drone (Video)

‘Onnanocos x Micro Drone’: Short One-Take Film Shot by a Drone (Video)

by Joseph
Onnanocos x Micro Drone

Onnanocos x Micro Drone

Most footage I’ve seen collected by drone cameras has that distinct “this is a drone camera” feeling. But there’s a new short film that was shot in one take with a micro-drone that actually looks pretty good, it out-Steadicams Steadicam in many ways. It’s called Onnanocos x Micro Drone.

Onnanocos x Micro Drone is a superb act of cinematic athleticism, featuring Japanese group Onnanocos. What kind of group are they? Not sure and don’t really feel like researching it, but they perform their duties admirably well here. Take a look:

The same YouTube account where that came from also has a take two, which seems to be more of an outtake reel, and isn’t all in one uninterrupted take. But what the heck, here it is:

In case you’re wondering how Onnanocos x Micro Drone gets that smooth, Murnau-esque glide on a drone camera, it was reportedly stabilized in post-production, and shot with a drone camera that costs about eighty bucks.

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