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‘Only One’: Kanye West’s Video Game Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Only One

Only One

There’s a lot of cool video game and technology related stuff coming out at E3, which officially starts tomorrow. But there’s at least one small piece of media that should be of interest to almost everybody who’s even mildly connected to current pop culture; a trailer for Only One, a video game created by Kanye West.

It doesn’t seem to be clear as of yet exactly what Kanye’s work on Only One entailed, but it is said to be inspired by the untimely death of his mother, which is known to have impacted him seriously and indefinitely. The trailer shows an angelic woman making her way through a heavenly environment with the help of a winged horse and eventually her own pair of wings, so the subtext would seem to be clear.

You can watch the trailer for Only One for yourself below. There’s no release date set as of yet, so stay tuned for more information.

Here’s the trailer:

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